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Rest in His Creation beside still waters

Sit and Reflect

Build trust and calm your mind as you sit by the lake in a quiet, reflective spot. 

Purified and set apart, Refiner's Fire

Sitting by the Fire

Come and sit by a fire for group or "me time" and roast marshmallows or have smores.

Hope eternal

Animal Interaction


Watch anxiety melt away as you incorporate a therapeutic touch in your healing journey by brushing Hope, our rescue cow, or observing the numerous birds on the land.

Activities Program

We believe in positive reinforcement, the setting of healthy boundaries, and the sense of community. Trust-building, empowerment, teamwork, and positive role-modeling are our mission's heart. Christ is central to all we do and the strong foundation with which these principles are anchored.

Working on trauma triggers, offering positive childhood experiences, and realizing trauma's role in behavior impact our interactions with those we serve. The neurobiology of trauma and holistic healing environment work together to work through the darkness and transform physically and spiritually in His marvelous light.

Let go and be set free

Fishing, Kayaking, Reflecting

Relax in nature as you drop a pole in the water and fish. Kayak or sit by the lake in our overlook area. Rock in one of the many chairs or swing in a nearby tree swing.   

Rescue cats and lots of love

Rescue Cats

Melt your anxiety away as you are surrounded by rescue cats and other wildlife.

Freedom in nature as you walk and reflect in our wetland preservation area

Be Still 

Be still in His Creation. You are surrounded by endless beauty that you can use to refill your spiritual tank. Enjoy time in the Wetland Preserve Area.   

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