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Sponsor a Reflective Space

We have great plans and a vision for all survivors need on their individualized healing journey. Consider helping us with one of these projects today!


Sponsor Direct Survivor-Support Services 

Consider donating to our tiny home weekend retreat village, direct survivor assistance programs, day outings, and free healing ministry services. 


Our team believes in empowering every survivor with a safe retreat experience in a private setting while they process the dark and transition into the light.


Survivor empowerment is vital to recovery, therefore assisting survivors with transportation and living expenses as they transition on their healing journey is vital to long-term success. Finding gaps in existing services and bridging those ensures an overall positive transitional health experience.


Empowering "thrivers" with resources and choices as they journey to wholeness is a mission worthy of your financial support. 

Sponsor  "His Gathering Place"

Consider sponsoring this reflective space today for quiet meditation as our survivors and volunteers get shelter from the heat of the day on the ranch. We estimate this project to cost around $15,000.00. A spiritual nourishment stop along the boardwalk. 

Pantry photo 2.jpg

Sponsor our Free Food Pantry and Hygiene Products Community Outreach

Consider sponsoring our free food pantry and hygiene product distribution for survivors as part of our community outreach and on-site trauma-informed Bible Study/Group. 

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