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Facing a Mountain? Is the Way Forward Unclear?

Which way do we go? How do we climb such a steep hill? Do we have what it takes? Can I even do it? Should I even try? Does that terrain look scary? What if we fail? Maybe we should just quit turning back towards safety is an option, right? Wait, I am stronger than I look; I have never quit on anything despite being labeled a failure by so many.

I can break free; I can scale this mountain in my life. I can carry this heavy weight that threatens to bury me. I am not my past. I am not the lies spoken over me. I am not what they said I am. I am a conqueror, a warrior, strong, and I will make it to the finish line of my future. What's that? It's not going to be easy, you say. Nothing in my life has ever been so that I will draw on His strength. His strength is the only way I have faced all these challenges and not given up. Who is He, you say? Well, let me tell you about my Jesus! My Friend, My Comforter, My Redeemer, My Counselor, My Lamb of God, My Light, My Savior, My Bread of Life! There is Power in His Name!

Blessings Today,

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