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Hope in Christ; My Personal Testimony of Faith

As you watch this video of my story, His story of transformation and redemption in my life, you will see the Gospel at work. Let His truth be a bright light in a dark world. Let His truth give you hope that if He can set a sinner free like me, He can do the same for any of you who call on His name.

In this video, I mention the Holy Spirit guiding me to Ave Maria in 2019 and Him helping me break free from the aftermath of trauma; childhood rape, familial human trafficking, the suicide of my father, a food addiction, and much more.

These are the photos of the book I read in 2019, the pages that impacted me, and the bench I sat on where it all began. To God be the Glory!

These photos are new and from a recent day trip outing with our thrivers to Ave Maria in Florida in 2023, as I looked back to the past (book and bench) and basked in the truth of all He had done in my life.

Set Free is Free Indeed

Pray the Sinner's Prayer

May you be set free as I was and embark on an exciting new journey of Hope.


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