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How Do I Gain More Wealth?

As I sit here, I ponder where true wealth comes from. How do I get more of it? How do I become the wealthiest person in the world? It is possible. I want a luxury car, a yacht. I know I will be happier once I get more money and possessions. It is, after all, the American dream.

What's that you say? Will I lie for it? Cheat for it? Lose my soul for it? Will it truly make me happy? Well, I have tried everything else. I graduated at the top of my class and was captain of my football team. Yet, I do still long for more. I am not satisfied with less. All my friends have more, and I must live and look like someone who resembles a "lifestyle of success." What's that? Once I get it, will I be happy? Will I always long for more? Do you have a different way to sustain joy? Yes, you say you know the way.

In this book, you can find joy. The Bible? I have never tried that; I am always too busy. Try it.

What does the Bible say about wealth? Well, I am not sure. Read Mark 8: 34-38 for guidance. You may be surprised at what the Word of God says.

True wealth is found in this scripture, John 3:16, in Christ—freedom, you say, total freedom, peace, joy. Better than all the money or material possessions in the World. Try it, you say.

I have nothing to lose, and by putting Him first in my life, everything else could follow. Wow, I never saw it like that. Sadly, yes, I did grow up poor and realize it has impacted me being an overachiever and unable to find true joy. I always long for more, searching for something to take away the emptiness I feel inside. He can fill that void, Christ, heal me, you say. Let me read a little of the Bible, of His Word, and see for myself.


Tammy Toney-Butler

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