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Is Your Life a Wreck?

Can you see the shore? Are you in danger of crashing? Are you spiraling out of control? Finding yourself asking, where do you go from here? What do you do now?

That's common at the end of a broken marriage, broken relationship, broken friendship, job loss, loss of a loved one, any loss. After all, you are human, flesh. The narrow path is quite challenging in this sea of uncertainty called life.

What's that, you do not know what to do now? What direction do you take?

Where will the winds of change take you? Will you crash and burn or catch a break and land on your feet again on a shoreline of safety?

What's that, you say, you know the way? How aren’t we different? Not that different. A guide for everyone regardless of their past, circumstances, or brokenness exists. Do you mean there is hope? We do not have to stay adrift at sea? We can come home to the safety of the shore.

What's that, you say? The climb to safety, security, protection, and peace may still be steep, but it is worth it. You have to face a lot of stuff and shed some things that would make your new journey difficult. Let go of past hurt, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, resentment, ideas of what could have been before it came, the event, moment, sinful deed that changed it all?

How do we break free? Move past the pain, the hurt, the shame, the doubt, the fear, the regret?

What's that? You said you know the way because you found it and have never been the same. He saw you when you were adrift in a sea of brokenness and childhood trauma. He came into your mess and your situation and helped you get to safety. Fix your eyes on Him, you say. Really, how do you reach this destination of wholeness, completeness, hope, peace, and a restful night's sleep?

Pray the sinner's prayer, repent of your sins, and invite Him in, Jesus Christ! It's that simple, and the "icky, the weight of it all" will disappear, and you will be free.

Well, thank you for your honesty. We have so much in common; we all carry our crosses. Thank you for giving us hope and for showing us the Truth.

He died so you can be set free!

Blessings and truth,

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Sep 25, 2023

Alis possible through HIM.


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