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Just Hold on in the Storm

Are you being refined? Tested? Are you in danger of compromising your faith? Are you ready to do His will? The purification process is wrought with storms, adversity, flames of sorrow, pain, and loss. Can you handle the fire?

How many of you have been in a storm? Trial after trial, wondering when the flames of change will ignite your path of purpose and direct you toward fullness, wholeness, and completeness. Are you wondering when the winds will change and the storm will pass? So many of us are in this same boat of despair, longing to get to dry land with bountiful blessings and overflow.

Can you see it? The promised land? I see it! Keep going, stay the course; a land of milk and honey awaits. Stand steadfast in your calling and lean into His promises and provisions—provisions of peace, glory, wisdom, and clarity.

You are so close I can see the breakers. The seas are changing; the winds are calming. Calming to allow your perspective to change, a fresh perspective to see how blessed you are in the knowledge that our Savior lives in you, ready to walk with you through any storm.

Can you stay focused on the Savior in your storm? Can you see the way to dry ground? Focus, focus, focus. He is waiting for you to change your perspective. Look to Him and only Him. Get rid of the distractors and the noise, and be still in the moment.

Free yourself from the world. DO NOT COMPROMISE, for we are close to the finish line. Stay the course, stay the course, stay the course.

Blessings and Strength,

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