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Life Beating You Up?

What's that, another storm is coming to our area? Wait, I am not ready. I am still recovering from the last one. I have so much going on already; my life is a mess. Every day is a storm emotionally, and now this is to deal with. I am at my capacity to cope. Not one more thing, please. Everywhere I turn, it's turmoil, it's chaos. Can I not just be at peace? Why me? Why now? Life is so unfair. I feel so alone, so trapped.

Walking on a path of uncertainty most days, lost, drifting. I see no way out of the darkness. How do I get out of this constant state of despair? Drinking does not help; taking pills did not work, and now I can not even go to work to at least distract from my pain. Wait, what's that you say? Is there something that will help, someone that will help? Who? How do I find this pathway to peace?

Calm shelter from the storms of life. Does that exist? Not in my life. My life has been anything but clear paths that lead to peaceful waters. Do you mean I can hope in this pathway of peace? You say you made it to the other side and are at peace. I am not strong like you or as good as you. What, you no way, a sinner like me, from a trailer park, really, a mess, you say. You look like you have it all together. Wow, maybe there is hope. Maybe I will try this faith thing out and call out to Jesus. Jesus is hope, life, joy, and our comforter when the storms of life threaten to drown us.

We weather many storms, but our anchorage is in the proven anchor of our soul. May we hold steadfast in the winds of change and know He is our guide and protector. Pulling us to Hope Eternal, safety, and a love that will never leave nor forsake us.

Blessings and Peace,

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