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Who's in Your Boat?

Do you feel alone in a storm? Where did everyone go? Who can help me navigate these waters of despair, stormy seas of uncertainty threatening to consume me? I am alone, adrift, lost in a sea of darkness.

How do I get to the light, break through the breakers to the shore? No one sees that I am under the boat, treading water, shouldering its weight so I do not drown. Holding on by a thread, wondering if I should let go.

A still, small voice says, "Hold on, I see you; I will help you carry the burden of the moment and get you to the safety of the shore." Where is that voice coming from? Do I dare listen to it?

Wait, I see the shore; others are there like me. Do you mean I am not alone; others feel this way? That realization gives me hope, and the voice gives me hope. I am not alone; others are walking the same journey. What does God's word say about all of this? Can I get clarity in Christ?

Oh, that's right, let me praise my way to breakthrough, trusting in the power of a community of believers to help me carry the burdens of life so I do not drown before I get to shore. I choose Hope!

Tammy Toney-Butler

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