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Where Are You Going?

Where are you going? Do you even know which way to go? Are you lost in a sea of hopelessness with uncertainty as to which path to take, each step a chore as you face uphill battle after battle?

A backpack of hope is all you carry on your reflective journey to find that part of yourself that is missing, incomplete, lacking closure and peace.

You know you are searching for something, but you are not sure what it is, so you move from place to place, town to town, searching, longing, for a peace that never comes.

I have been there at that place and finally found what I was missing: craving and longing. I now have complete stillness of mind, body, and soul.

How did I get there, you ask? Where is this place? Can you get there by foot? Air? Plane? Boat?

What's that, you do not have to travel anywhere to find it, it's been with you all alone. Really?

Please show it to me; I have lost all hope and desperately need to find this place.

Do you see the Truth? You are loved, chosen, and full of purpose and promise. What does the Bible say about who you are? Maybe you should look at a few passages to define your path of Truth as you walk toward freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

That is how I found my path: peace, joy, purpose, and a love I never dreamed was possible.

Start here. Start small, but start.

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